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[...] Krynica, Mierzeja… when I set out on foreign journeys, the memory about my homeland focuses on these places… Whoever visited Krynica once will always pine for it in their heart… I would be a great loss to forget about the whole world, but if Krynica demanded it, I would do it without hesitation [...]

Krynica Morska is an attractive seaside resort, located at the sandy belt of the Vistula Spit, separating the waters of the Vistula Lagoon from the Bay of Gdańsk. Every year in the summer, the place attracts thousands of tourists. The city is teeming with life, offering various types of entertainment. Amateurs of good fun are attracted by cafés, pubs, summer bars, restaurants and discos. The fun fair offers numerous forms of entertainment for children; good music also attracts adults.

Romantic and artistic souls discover unique views and charming places intensifying the expression of creative and spiritual experiences. Therefore, the city is particularly liked by the artists.

Krynica Morska is attractive due to the beauty of its beaches, where recreation on the amber-coloured, soft sand and specific climate of the air filled with iodine, the aroma of pine and spruce trees have a calming effect on the nervous and respiratory system. This makes recreation in this place efficient and harmonious.

Active tourists will not be bored. Apart from lying on the beach, Krynica Morska offers excellent possibilities for angling, mushroom picking, river craft and hydrofoil trips, horse-back riding and view flights. There are also numerous tourist trails in the area where tourist can hike or cycle.

Krynica Morska is a good staging area for Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia and Westerplatte, as well as Elbląg, Frombork

and even Baltysk and Kaliningrad. The cormorant reserve in Kąty Rybackie is also worth visiting.

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